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obligations as agreed to in the Agreement and commencing on Today's Date and continuing until this Authority and Mandate is terminated by me/us by giving you notice in writing of not less than 20 ordinary working days, and sent by prepaid registered post or delivered to your address as indicated above.

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I acknowledge that all payment instructions issued by you will be treated by my abovementioned bank as if the instructions had been issued by me personally.

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I agree that, although this authority and mandate may be cancelled by me, such cancellation will not cancel the agreement. I also understand that I cannot reclaim amounts that have been withdrawn from my account (paid) in terms of this authority and mandate if such amounts were legally owing to you.

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Blacklisted-Loans has a panel of premium partners who each apply their own criteria to assess the loan application. The interest rates charged on their loans range from a minimum of 22.3% to a maximum of 28%, with payment terms between 7- 72 months.
Below is an Example (excluding credit life insurance) of a R50 000 loan over 60 month period.

Maximum Interest Rate Minimum Interest Rate
Interest Rate 28% 22.3%
Loan Value R50 000 R50 000
Term 60 months 60 months
APR 31.5% 25.8%
Total Amount Less Capital R49 747 R39 469
Total Amount R99 748 R89 469
Monthly Instalment R1 662 R1 491

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Have you found yourself in a situation in which you have accumulated an amount of debt that you feel it will be impossible to repay? Billions of people around the world have accumulated debt that spirals out of control. Maybe you have student loan payments, car payments, and home loan payments to make and one day you find yourself in the unfortunate situation that you are unable to make your payments on time. Maybe you lost your job or incurred medical expenses or had to put unexpected repairs on a credit card. Before you know it, your credit score plummets and you find yourself blacklisted. Do not despair. It is always possible to take control of your debt. Blacklisted loans are here to help people in your exact situation. blacklisted loans in SA

What Are Blacklisted Loans?

Blacklisted loans are, first and foremost, loans designed to help a person with bad credit consolidate their debt by using the money to pay off previous debts so that they only have one payment to make. You can also use these loans to cover situations such as car repairs and student fees or school fees. Even if your name has been blacklisted because of bad credit, you can qualify for a blacklisted loan as long as you are 18 years or older, and you have a steady job and a bank account.

How Do Blacklisted Loans Work?

When you are applying for blacklisted loans you will be required to give your bank account details and to prove your identity, age, residence, and employment. Most of the companies that provide blacklisted loans will not conduct a credit check. Depending on the company providing the loan, you may be required to conduct an interview by phone. Upon accepting your application, the loan provider will discuss interest rates and payment plans with you and set one up depending on your budget. The terms of the loan will usually require a full repayment in a period of 12-72 months. Keep in mind that interest rates for these loans are generally high as they are designed to be used as a last resort for debt consolidation or emergencies.

Benefits of Taking a Blacklisted Loan

Though the interest rates of blacklisted loans are high and the period of time to pay back a large sum of money is short, the benefits of taking a blacklisted loan can be great if you use the loan responsibly. Avoid taking a blacklisted loan unless it is completely necessary to do so. Taking a blacklisted loan to consolidate your debt, if done in a responsible way, can save your credit score and lift some big financial burdens from your life. Blacklisted loans are designed to help a person overcome with debt to get back on their feet and re-build a good credit score once again. However, if you take a blacklisted loan and treat it irresponsibly by buying unnecessary things and neglecting the payments, your credit score will plummet further and you will have a very difficult time in finding financial assistance for anything in the future.